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Episode 79   9/2023

When your 11, life still seems strange, adult behaviors are sometimes confusing and we are lucky to survive it all. In this episode, Paul is curious about his father’s semi annual poker night in the far back basement of his house. However, THIS TIME Paul is allowed to come sit and observe his father’s poker night and the players. One of these players was Paul’s current teacher. But the evening turned quite dark as another player’s behavior and quirky responses turned into a nightmare that haunted Paul for many years afterward. Listen to this life altering episode about testing the water of attempting to be a good man. 

When you're just a kid of eleven, life's a real puzzler. Grown-up actions can be a head scratcher, and making it through unscathed? Well, that's a triumph in itself. Join me in this tale, where we're dodging confusion and trying to find our footing.

In this chapter of life, young Paul's got a burning question – What's the deal with his old man's twice-a-year poker night down in the deep, dark basement? But hold on, this time, something's different. This time, Paul's getting an invite to the grown-up gathering. He's gonna be a fly on the wall, watching his dad and the gang play their hands.

Turns out, one of the players is none other than Paul's current teacher. The lines between school and life at home start to blur, and it's a curious sight for young Paul. But oh boy, buckle up, 'cause this story takes a turn. The night that should've been just a peek into his dad's world transforms into a shiver-inducing nightmare, one that sticks with Paul like a stubborn shadow.

You'll want to lean in close as I spin this tale of how an ordinary evening can twist and tangle, leaving scars that linger long after the lights go out. This is a journey that'll make you think about the kind of man you want to become – the paths you'll tread, the waters you'll test.  LISTEN HERE!

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We retell ife's stories that helped us become who we are now. The stories can be quite funny, ironic, as well as painful. The human spirit fights to succeed, while at the same time, we try our best to keep adding day to day value to our lives. When we take that story-step backward, we often rediscover the humor, love and sometimes we even find needed closure we once overlooked. There is more to life than the day to day. Life passes by quickly & sometimes it’s hard to let the past go. So, with humor and optimism we present this podcast.

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