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Stories that helped build

the person we would become.

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Life's Learning Curve

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In this episode of unexpected connections, transformative moments, and the power of perseverance in the face of adversity, Paul recalls his teenage years in 1972, marked by the untimely death of his band director and his pursuit of drumming dreams. Enter Mr. McCabe, an enigmatic drum teacher with a manicured comb over and an abrasive demeanor. Their initial encounter is rocky, with Mr. McCabe's blunt and dismissive attitude leaving Paul feeling intimidated and uncertain.

Despite Mr. McCabe's tough exterior, Paul perseveres, determined to prove himself and push through the challenges of his drum lessons. Their interactions are marked by a unique dynamic of banter and insults, yet beneath the surface lies a mutual understanding and respect for each other's dedication to music.

As Paul skills grow, so does his appreciation for Mr. McCabe's unconventional teaching methods. The tension culminates during a pivotal moment at a concert when the narrator faces a crisis. In a surprising turn of events, Mr. McCabe appears to help out.

Through this act of kindness, Paul gains a newfound understanding of Mr. McCabe's character, realizing that his gruff demeanor stems from his own insecurities. Their journey together transcends music, and embeds itself it the category of life’s learned lessons.

LOGO Beyond the Comb Over 2 RECT.jpg

We retell ife's stories that helped us become who we are now. The stories can be quite funny, ironic, as well as painful. The human spirit fights to succeed, while at the same time, we try our best to keep adding day to day value to our lives. When we take that story-step backward, we often rediscover the humor, love and sometimes we even find needed closure we once overlooked. There is more to life than the day to day. Life passes by quickly & sometimes it’s hard to let the past go. So, with humor and optimism we present this podcast.

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