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Stories that helped build

the person we would become.

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Meet seven-year-old Clay Greager, whose unwavering determination to pursue his dreams leads him to brave the confines of a family coal mine in 1948. But that's just the beginning of his remarkable journey.

Join us as we unravel the poignant stories shared by author Clay Greager himself, recounting moments where the line between ambition and adversity blurred. Experience the heart-stopping encounter with mortality, from the blinding sun that alters destiny to the serene swing under a willow tree turning into a haunting reminder of life's fragility.

In this episode, Paul delves deep into Clay Greager's early years, painting a vivid picture of courage, loss, and the pursuit of ambition against all odds. Tune in as we uncover the gripping narratives that shaped a young boy's extraordinary path.

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster as we explore the intersections of fate, determination, and the unyielding spirit of a child destined for greatness.

Don't miss out on this compelling episode that challenges the very essence of seizing opportunities and confronting life head-on.

LOGO The Art of Being Clay EARLY YEARS  RECT.jpg

We retell ife's stories that helped us become who we are now. The stories can be quite funny, ironic, as well as painful. The human spirit fights to succeed, while at the same time, we try our best to keep adding day to day value to our lives. When we take that story-step backward, we often rediscover the humor, love and sometimes we even find needed closure we once overlooked. There is more to life than the day to day. Life passes by quickly & sometimes it’s hard to let the past go. So, with humor and optimism we present this podcast.

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