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the podcast

 Life's Learning


with Paul Hardt   

Stories that helped build

the person we would become.

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It was all of ninety-five years ago, when the world was the street where Gramma Ruth lived, and a young man named Harold sailed on a ship at sea with a picture of my Gramma Ruth. Ruth had that carefree mind of her own, and a very particular delicate look in her eye, which made one misunderstood blink, look like a wink, and with that another generation of Wilkinsons came to be. Throughout two World Wars, three children, six grandchildren Gramma Ruth was the foundation. Thoughtful, conversational, and full of stories, love and guidance for multiple generations Life’s Learning Curve is proud to share just what was learn through example from Gramma Ruth. This episode realizes that grandparents do not begin their lives when their grandchildren are born, they just enter a new era of happiness and find more of life’s joys. (thx to Elvis Costello for the inspiration)

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We retell ife's stories that helped us become who we are now. The stories can be quite funny, ironic, as well as painful. The human spirit fights to succeed, while at the same time, we try our best to keep adding day to day value to our lives. When we take that story-step backward, we often rediscover the humor, love and sometimes we even find needed closure we once overlooked. There is more to life than the day to day. Life passes by quickly & sometimes it’s hard to let the past go. So, with humor and optimism we present this podcast.



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